June 20, 2006

Safe in El Paso

Arrived a bit before my scheduled flight - and hit the hotel around 11:00 pm local time, which is 1:00 am my time. YAWN! A little email and geekery to chill, then off to bed. It's been a long day - household stuff, work, yoga, errands, and travel.

Staying at a not so lovely La Quinta - there were two equally priced La Quinta choices and I think I chose poorly. I really *should* have stayed at the Holiday Inn (at about 2x the room rate) but I retain a certain self-employment miserliness that I really need to shed at some point. Especially since my youthful days of being a cowboy are behind me.....(or cowgirl, for that matter). From both a safety/security as well as a creature comfort standpoint, I need to treat myself better.

Oh well, at least the internet is free and reasonably high bandwidth.....

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