June 05, 2006

In other news

It's been a busy few days. Not a lot of time to blog.

Friday night was the film fest; we got home late for normal folk (12:30 am) which is unheard of for we of the "in bed by 9 or 10" set. Saturday I Jazzercise'd, then quickly home, shower, and off to the CT Sun's game.

The Charlotte Sting played it pretty close for the first half, at which point the Sun kicked it in for a pretty handy win. Balanced scoring by the starters (Dydek had 17/ Whalen and Douglas each had 14, Sales and Taj each had 12), good bench support by Asjha Jones, Erin Phillips, and others. About the only thing of note was the EVS operator thought the game was at 7 and had to get called in; she sat down at her bench literally as the tip-off started. My end of things went pretty smoothly.

After the game, we watched a bit of a documentary on GLBT film history before falling asleep; I woke late on Sunday (8 am) just in time to hustle off to yoga. After that; we had a bit of a fight, and I ended up emptying the dining room to clean the floors, walls and woodwork, as well as the kitchen floor. Then off to another busy afternoon - bought guitar strings, picked up MYA, had dinner, went to rainbow room with her (where I restrung my guitar), took her home, then off to the yoga studio to practice for Kirtan (Friday, June 9). The practice went well; I need to get some chant CD's to learn the chord changes but I think I will fit in OK with the ensemble; my rhythm playing, intuitive and improvisational experiences work well with what is a loosely scripted accompaniment, and my desire to take a back seat is a good fit with an ensemble that already has some talented and strong personalities.

Sadly, I will not be a part of the June 9th Kirtan (work conflict) but I am looking forward to the fall. I left the studio a bit before 11 feeling very good about participating.

I came home, however, to a bit of a tempest. Zippy and I are not connecting; and my busy-ness and lack of availability are a huge part of that. We talked for a while last night; her issues of abandonment and neglect overlap with my drive to be busy. We agreed to commit to cooking one meal together per week (no books for her, no internet for me) and to doing one fun thing (shopping, movie, film). And to work on intimacy. We need to make more room for each other and for our relationship; we're coasting but not thriving.

Along those lines, tonight we're going to the GLBT film festival together. And Saturday, a documentary called Hearts Cracked Open, A Documentary Film about Tantra for Women Who Love Women, will be shown at Alchemy Juice Bar. The film may impact our ability to go to a party this weekend (either on time or at all) and that sucks (its a fun party, good friends and good people) but Zippy and I have been struggling with intimacy for a while and we had wanted to see this film the last time it came to town, and missed it. In the parlance; we are fastening our own oxygen masks before helping others.....its very important for us to reconnect physically; more important than anything.

And with that - my work week officially starts....

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