June 28, 2006

Ugly Basketball

It's hard to know if the CT Sun were that good, the Houston Comets were that bad, or what. It was not a stellar game. Surprising to me that Nekesha had 19 (for some reason she did not look good during the game, but she still scored). I watched Erin Phillips shooting around, by herself, before the game (lots of 3's from the corners) and still she did not score. The Sun pulled ahead from the start and it was never close (Houston got to maybe 11 or 13 points a few times) - and towards the end it seemed like a pick-up game, with improbable passes, wild shots, and players driving down the lane into traffic just to do something.

The good thing is, not a lot of timeouts and dilly-dallying, and I was back on the highway by 9, and walking in the door before 10.

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