June 12, 2006

Maybe Not Such a Rest

I worked Friday night and Sunday, so I deserved a day around the house. Productive one, however.

This morning I cleaned out the gutters on the back of the house, swept the porch roof, and, in a moment of inspiration / genius / perspiration, decided to scrub the siding (aluminum) which had become both dirty and sporadically green (alga / moss along the bottom). Buckets of all purpose cleaner and hot water, a scrub brush on a pole, a ladder, a hose, and a bunch of scrubbing - and the back of the house is MUCH more presentable. It's incredible how much better it looks. Go me.

In the afternoon, I cut the lawn, which had not really overgrown despite all the rain, swept the walks and drive, and got all the garbage into the bin for pick-up tomorrow. In between, I went into work to do a couple of reports, picked up a check, and went to the bank.

On another note, today was "get stuff in the mail day". I got a self-help book delivered to the office. I got a couple of books from Amazon (Leslie Feinberg's "Drag King Dreams" and Alison Bechdel's new graphic's novel memoir "Fun Home", a birthday gift for the Zipster). And we received a package from Zippy's brother with our new custom painted toilet seat.

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