June 02, 2006

Terry Rand Band Again

Another missive from Peter Anthony. Since "Terry Rand" and "Neybas" seems to be fairly popular search terms for those looking stumbling in here, its pretty evident to me that Scenic Root is the closest thing these folks have to a website. So....

Dear friends,

This Saturday, the band I've been rehearshing in has our first full gig. We're going to be at La Boca in Middletown, a fine Mexican restaurant that's a bit of an intriguing rabbit warren of a place. One of the burrows leads to the band, the Terry Rand Band, to be precise. We'll be there from about 9pm and playing til the end (of course we'll be there earlier, but there'll be setting up going on, etc).

The restaurant is on Main Street. I think all of you have seen me at Klekolo at one time or another. Well, it's just near there.

I'll be playing bass and singing harmony, yes, harmony. We're doing Terry's songs and a few select covers that reflect our exquisite taste, etc, so I don't think there'll be much soloing going on and it is a bar, after all. But you never know.

And, speaking of bars--we'll be at the Hungry Tiger two weeks after that: Saturday 17th under roughly the same time deal. Lesebuch (editor: huh?)

I'd love to see you at one of these, we've been having a lot of fund: It's Terry on rhythm and lead vocals, Rich Gordon on guitar and Bob Bowmar keyboards with Emmet Hale, fromerly of the Neybas, keeping us all together on drums.

I think you'll like it--I do!
All the best, ya'll,

Editorial Comments: La Boca does not have the June entertainment listings online and the Hungry Tiger seems to have Jive Miquel listed for the 17th. And I'm less likely to be at the La Boca gig (I work and a friend might be visiting the game and doing dinner apres) but maybe the Hungry Tiger......

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Anonymous said...

The Hungry Tiger gig has been postponed until September. Working on updating my website to reflect the recent change in the bands lineup. Thanks for the support.
Current web address is:


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