June 25, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mom!

We had a wonderful celebration of mom's 70th year yesterday, in north central MA. A few weeks late (and a surprise) - mom had been going around for the last two weeks being semi-punked out because none of us made a big thing of it. Heh heh.

It turned out to be wonderful - mom's friends, mom's old coworkers, family, and some distant friends from NJ. My niece put together a scrapbook - old photos, emailed memories, some of mom's favorite mangled sayings aphorisms:

"...smokes like a fish..."
"...doesn;t have two wooden nickels to rub together..."
"...made out like a banshee indian..."

All in all it was wonderful. Props to my dear sister for putting all this together.

While we were browsing the scrapbook, we found (in the work section) a photo of a woman that perked Zippy and I up. Sister? we wondered. My sister chimed in: Oh, she'll be here today, with her partner. We ended up making new friends, who happen to live in the same town as my sister. Shout out to L and K! Except, as Zippy and I discussed on the way home, its hard to meet successful folks (however nice) cause our crappy career paths and dubious financial standing is harder to ignore in comparison.

Today, not much going on. A typical Shankara hot class this morning, with a sneaky heat build up and lots of long poses. For whatever reason, other hot classes seem to be more directly challenging - with a lot of standing, lot of flow. Standing in front of a mountain, pointing to the top. Climb. Shankara's classes are just as challenging and just as hot, they just seem like they should be easier. You start off on a leisurely walk, you seem to meander and dally, but by the end, you are up on the same mountain, wondering how you got up there. He tends to be a stickler for form, and thats always good and challenging by itself. I am blessed to have a variety of classes and instructors to work with (is there an official word for that? sensei? yogi? task-masker?) - I seem to get a little something different from each, and the "surprise" of a slightly different session is always good for balance.

We're relaxing today - I've got laundry going. Picking up MYA in Manchester, taking her to Rainbow Room, then back home to Bristol. Later, Zippy and I are hitting the road - going to the Towne Crier in Pawling to see our friend Victoria play at an open mic.

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