February 02, 2007

Ad Hominem

Zipster has been stomping around the house since yesterday, enraged about a pseudo-relation forwarding one of those offensive joke / humor emails. Apparently aimed at illegal immigrants, mostly spelled M-E-X-I-C-A-N - although this person has forwarded on other email humor aimed at terrorists (spelled A-R-A-B) which is being recalled in light of the present issue.

Now, I find such email attempts at humor unfunny and offensive. And a simple "I do not consider this to be funny or acceptable, please do not forward these on to me in the future" is sufficient. Perhaps a little "why do you send these around?" inquiry to give the person a jumping off point towards mindfulness. Confront with the open hand, not with the fist.....and all that.

But Zipster is flaming, the individual in question (an otherwise caring and apparently liberal thinker, who has devoted much of her life to pet rescue) is getting tarred and feathered - hypocrite, racist. I think a lot of Zippy's angst is related to being Jewish - having grown up in a culture and era when ethnic humor and anti-semitism was acceptable or winked at, Zipster is sensitive to this stuff, and the fact that this person is also Jewish and apparently a progressive thinker makes it a more personal affront. "She should know better than this"

I tried to analyze one of the jokes (in case it was supposed to be ironic or something) and I got called "shallow" for my trouble.

Zipster is calming down, but boy did this wind her up.

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