February 10, 2007


Survived Kirtan - it was a smallish crowd (time of year, I suspect, the cold weather, and the fact that I think a lot of us were somewhat distracted and did not actively market the evening) but it went well. Sometimes the more intimate crowd is a good thing. Several moments of transcendence. Sote fingers though - I need to drag my guitar out more than once a month to practice and keep my callouses!

I dragged my sorry butt back home a little before midnight. Slept in today - Zippy took care of the dogs. And no Jazzercise today - just a wee bit achey and sore, and for whatever reason Jazzercise has been hard on my joints and connective tissues - elbows, shoulders, hamstrings, quads - in a way that yoga has not been. Not sure why. Age? Weight? Some weird juxtaposition of low impact yoga and higher impact jazzercise? In any case - I find myself about 1/2 the time doing something that I will be working around for a few days. Perhaps once the spring comes I might drop Jazzercise in favor of biking, hiking, blading, and walking.....

Today will be pretty low key. We're doing a dyke dinner and movies this evening with friends. The "circle" has been growing of late - with friends of friends being added - and perhaps a woman I met in another venue might be there tonight. We're making veggie chili, and to that end, we're going to Stop n' Shop today. Somehow, despite the fact that I am self employed and Zippy works part time, we inevitably end up at the grocery store on Saturday - the busy shopping day.

Not much else to report. Tomorrow, MYA and I are going to a potluck at a local UU church - they adopted the mentee's as a cause and want to give them a gift card to get clothes for the upcoming conference. Should be nice. Then off to Philadelphia with a client for a two day work gig - I get back Tuesday night late.

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