February 26, 2007

The End of the Month? Already?

Dang. February flew by.

Slow start today - last night's Oscars party at the Emporer was fun - we left around 11 p.m. Nothing super, some friends were there, got some schmoozing in with random media celebs, and drank three Cosmos which is two over my usual / limit. I was not all that invested in the awards, but my favorite animated short won, and one of my two favorite live action shorts won. I kind of wish I had recorded the shwo to watch it tonight, if only to see Ellen's schtick and the Pilobolus performance pieces.

My back has been getting better - I took it easy with yoga, an all levels class with Kate yesterday, a gentle class with Carissa today. My first two teachers, and practicing with them is like going home. Nice and gentle for my back, as I heal and strengthen. And important to continue to proactice even if its not kick my ass hot / power classes.

I intended to crank out some reports today, but I got stuck collecting info, and ended up working on a website. I pretty much got the website done today - adapting a ticket ordering javascript that I have been working with for a few years, but merging two ordering pages together. Plus some graphics. Just a general refresh. Needs a little more testing, and awaiting feedback from my client, but its all pretty much put to bed. The reports will wait til tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Zippy is off for some medical testing that I am driving hir to. And taking my laptop along for company.

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