February 06, 2007

Busy Days Ahead

Saturday's three hour yoga practice drained me - I was in a sort of stunned trance on Saturday night, and Sunday was kind of dreamy and lethargic. I slept late, I had a cranky back, I did not do much. Finally, yesterday I dragged myself to a hot class which was a balm - the heat melted away my back crankiness and lethargy, and a more energetic practice revived my spirit. Back to normal (sort of).

Today is going to be a busyish one. Work this morning (although I am considering more yoga). I need to go pick up a rental car at noon, go fetch MYA, then we are slated for lunch, for some legal errands (going to get a certified copy of her birth certificate), and an interview for a support space for her. Then take her home, perhaps drop by the house here to pick up my bags, and off to Portland Maine. I have a work gig up there on Wednesday bright and early.

I've uncharacteristically made reservations at the old world Inn at St. John
in Portland - no special reason. I usually stay in lower end chains (that cost more!), but this place is near to the hospital, and has WiFi - so whatever. It feels a little adventurous! I'm keeping an eye peeled for magic....

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