February 09, 2007

Gov. Rell's Budget and Tax Plan

Slipping under the radar is Gov. Rell's proposed budget, with a surprise plan to raise state income taxes from 5% to 5.5%. Amusingly, this is drawing fire from the Democratic side of the aisle.

My thoughts. Governor Rell is one sharp woman. Her proposal is like a cunning martial arts move - she knows if she proposed tax cuts or stay the course, the Dems would be running at her on a lot of fronts. So she watched them charging up the hill at her, deftly stepped aside as they plowed past her, and turned 180 degrees. Suddenly, the Dems find themselves having to charge up the other side - accusing the Gov of overtaxing, of not being fiscally responsible, of spending TOO MUCH on education and other social services. She could (theoretically) give in to the Dems, back down on the tax thing, get what she wants, and look like a hero instead of a meanie.

I love having women in politics. Men are just not this subtle.

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