February 22, 2007

DMV, Dr. Keith Ablow, and Ricki Lee Jones

MYA and I spent most of the day doing DMVish things. Picked her up in Bristol at 1 p.m. Off to Wethersfield. Discover that she forgot all her ID. Back to Bristol. Off to Plainville DMV. Wait in line. Get to the counter, to find she needs a postmarked letter with her name and address. Back to Bristol for all the mail she can find. Back to Plainville. More waiting in line. Get to the counter, hand over the ID and the money.

Then a long long wait. We worry about the reason for the wait, perceiving some panic among the civil servants. Eventually, she gets called up to sign things, smile for the camera. A few minutes later, she gets her ID.

It's a good photo, flattering and captures a little mischief in her eyes. It also has the wrong gender marker on it. We'll work on that next - was hoping we might get lucky with passing privilege, a tired clerk, all that.

But, for the first time in her life, she has a piece of legal identification. It was a long journey - trips to the DMV, social security, town hall. I was not gonna let today pass without her getting ID. She was happy. We celebrated at the Imperial Buffet.

In other news, friends were on the Dr. Keith Ablow show today. I taped it, and watched it at lunch, and Zippy and I watched it again tonight. Now we are watching a treat - Ricki Lee Jones on Soundstage on PBS. Heh. She has a song on her new Sermon on Exposition Boulevard. Tried to be a Man. With ya, Ricki....

Oh, and universe. It's me, Jude. You know, with the fish and all. My friend / lover / partner / boi / parent to my dogs Zipster is struggling - zie needs to find work that feeds her body and her soul. I don't ask often, but I am asking now. Thanks!

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