February 28, 2007

BlogNation - Hartford Courant Key Issues Forum

I whine about having too much on my plate, but I (at the last moment) turned the car eastward towards downtown Hartford this morning for the Hartford Courant's Key Issues Forum on blogging, entitled BlogNation.

Panelists Genghis Conn, Colin McEnroe, Caffeinated Geek Girl, Matt Stoller, and Tim Tagaris.

Great dialogue. Great cross section. Genghis Conn is the thoughtful center. Colin is the bridge to the main stream media and philosopher. Stoller is the firebrand. Caffeinated Geek Girl is the vox populi. And Tagaris - quiet but powerful, I sense.

Stoller took it to the MSM a few times. Amusing that Genghis Conn's stat on blogger readership (80% male) was mirrored by the panel. The audience seemed heavy on politicos and MSM types, judging by the suits. Fox 61 was there with video, and probably a few others.

A personal highlight for me was seeing my friend and occasional coworker Rich from Event Management (?) who was doing lighting and sound for the event. I run into him at various arts and media events in Hartford. If I had my gloves with me and a few extra minutes I would have helped on the strike.....

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cgg said...

Glad that you enjoyed the panel. It was great to meet you BTW. And you're absolutely right about Tagaris.