March 06, 2009

Busy Friday

In case you are wondering why I have been off the grid the last week or so, life has just gotten busy. Today:

* Work this morning, I have quite queue of pending reports (some marked URGENT or ASAP) to crank out. Hope to put a big dent in that list today.

* Yoga at 12:15 - teaching my normal gentle class

* Set up for kirtan - between my armada of guitars, my wireless mic, and the group sound system, it's quite the production

* Wake for Maria and Mike Bollea - 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm at Sheehan-Hilborn-Breen Funeral
Home on New Britain Avenue (a blessing that it is right down the street)

* Dinner possibly with balloon friends, hopefully nearby

* Kirtan at 8:15 pm

Needless to say, Saturday will be a day of rest, recovery, and catch-up!

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