March 21, 2009

Not a Bad Problem to Have

A mess of work, that is. Especially in These Economic Times(tm).

My largest client has entered into a period of unusual volume; I've had perhaps 6 months of record breaking work with them, and if things stopped dead right this second March would already be considered a very good month. But we've got about 7 workdays left and a small backlog flowing into next week, so I suspect March will be a record breaker.

Another client that has been pretty quiet for the past year has recently reconnected - but from a completely different place (engineering vs. service). Seems like some work in the offing. Nice.

I have a quote out to do some rare onsite work locally, at a gas station / convenience store. Interesting. No idea if it will come through but its a nice change of pace.

My oldest client has a long (and patiently) awaited update for a spreadsheet based data reader in the queue, waiting mostly for me to get a block of time to focus on it (VBscript / Excel macros just take a lot of time and grinding away).

My biggest website client is getting a late start on the 2009 season. Tickets go on sale April 1st, and yesterday they dropped a complete website redesign on me. I'm hoping to get something put together over the weekend (I'm self employed, so weekends are fair game) but there hours of work in the next week or so. Also, we're implementing a new ticketing program (so that they can control sell outs) which involves your faithful correspondant honing her PHP and MySQL chops.

Finally, another website client (albeit a pro bono one) has been nudging me to get some long delayed updates done. Hopefully I'll sneak into the office this weekend.

Oh yeah. My office is a mess. And my taxes are coming due. And the yoga studio has been keeping me busy with press releases, marketing, some filling in for the studio manager, and helping out with teacher training and national workshops. And teaching a few classes every week.

On a positive note, this is a down week for teaching - my Monday night intro class is over, my Wed night Adult Ed class has a break, and my Mon / Fri power classes do not start until next week.

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