March 15, 2009

Krishna Das at Kripalu

Trekked up to Kripalu last night with two friends / fellow yogis to see Krishna Das. Quite a lovely evening of Bhakti Yoga, a yoga of devotion to the divine through music, movement, and chanting.

We got a little bit of a late start, but my driving was sufficiently fast (what is it with yogis and driving, KD himself said something about a speeding ticket) to get us there in time for a quick Kripalu dinner (healthy and yummy) and then to the concert. We started out in the back on chairs but soon migrated to the follor near the front.

Really wonderful to see KD after all these years of listening to him at yoga and playing at kirtan. In some ways similar to how teaching yoga has taken away from my practice, playing at kirtan is different than participating in kirtan, so it was nice to just be there, chanting, letting the music carry me. He and his ensemble were quite wonderful, especially the violinist. As Shankara noted to me "we have to manifest a violin for our kirtan ensemble" and well, I think we manifested a flautist. Actually, I think she manifested us. Either way....a very wonderful addition.

Bit of a long drive, and my body is cranky from the driving as well as the sitting on the floor, bouncing around, and jyfully chanting. But worth it - a night of devotion and song, some time spent with two wonderful people, and a chance to see a performer whose music has become an important part of my life.

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