March 28, 2009


My new iPod Touch, with 16Gig of memory and a touch screen and WiFi access, and all the bells and whistles, did not show up on Friday. Off because the USPS tracking shows it leaving the Hartford CT facility on 3/23 (uhm, that was Monday) - they (the USPS) must be deliberately sitting on it. Can't let the surface shippers get Priority service lest they come to expect it or not buy the higher cost shipping options....

Probably all to the good, because I got a lot of work done this week, and once I get this puppy I am sure I am gonna be running around to all the various WiFi hot spots in my life to test it out - home, office, yoga studio, coffee shop. I am not sure I will use it (much) as an actual iPod, maybe a few tried-and-true "put me to sleep on the airplane" sets of music. (16 Gig is not that much memory) - I think its mostly a replacement for my PDA, a way to access all the cool apps, and a way to web surf and check email on the go.

In any case, I get a weekend reprieve from techno-crack. So I can enjoy the weekend.
This morning - yoga with Nykki. I ought to be fresh, took yesterday off (just taught a class). This afternoon, a quarterly visit to the local support space. And perhaps a walk round the reservoir afterwards.

Tomorrow, Shake Your Soul workshop with Daniel Leven at the yoga studio. And probaby squeeze some more web-coding in there as well....

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