March 18, 2009

Jill Miller at WHY

Awesome workshop this afternoon at West Hartford Yoga - Yoga Tune Up®: Hip Helpers for Classic Poses led by Jill Miller - from the Los Angeles area.

A sneaky workshop. Three hours, so we spent a lot of time doing little postures and exercises aimed at the muscle groups around the hips. Some extensive work with the ball - we do that a lot for shoulders, back, and glutes, but not so much on the side or front of hips. Then lots of different things to get into the hips - flexion and extension, abducting and adducting, rotation inward and outward.

Some really interesting lessons - working the feet and toes as a prep for the hips, seeing how movement and alignment in the feet and ankles affect the hips. A really cool hip pening exercise against the wall. And not so much classic yoga postures until we got to the climax posture - reverse triangle.

During and after the workshop, I felt all loose and wiggly - not unusual. But the real indications of just how opened up my hips were came later, as I was teaching my adult ed class in Bristol. I was demoing wide leg forward fold, and much to my surprise, set my head gentle down on the mat. That's never happened before - I've come close, but tonight I was right down there. Awesome.

Jill was a real delight - funny, wise, kept thing moving. I'll work with her again in a minute, would love to do a bit more extensive work - a multi day workshop or teacher training.

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