March 08, 2009

Raising the Bar

I'm subbing at the yoga studio this morning. Shankara's 10:15 All Levels class. Subbing a weekend class is the big time, a full room of folks expecting a good class, and I'm preparing a little more than usual. Most times, I get into the studio a little early, get into my body, and mentally assemble a class. I identify a theme for the class (hips maybe, shoulders, or vinyasa, or something) and then block out the time (seated meditation, some seated postures, work on particular body parts, slotting in abs, back stretches, vinyasa, standing poses, back to the floor). I'll mentally bookmark a couple of postures I want to get in, and also some prep postures. But mostly, I wing it. Student's seem to like my sequences, my postures, my energy, and my language - so I guess I am doing soemthing right.

Not today though, I'm subbing for Shankara. People expect a good class, the room will be full, so I am formally prepping!

Subbing for Shankara is a glass half full / glass half empty kind of thing. I'm honored and flattered to be asked. And I do recognize that people have favorably compared my style in front of the room and my classes to his, so it makes sense. But I'm also vaguely suspicious that nobody else wants to fill in for Shankara, he is most beloved and respected, and his regular students are often visibly disappointed when he is not there. It takes a certain personality to watch students turn tail and walk out when he is not teaching, and not take it personally. Maybe my self-effacing "I am not worthy" attitude provides some space for that sort of rejection. Maybe because I know that it's about him (positively) and not about me (negatively).

Anyway, 10:15 this morning, All Levels at West Hartford Yoga. Be there....I've got a nice class planned!

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