March 15, 2009

Neighborhood Walk

Zippy and I took the dogs for a long walk around the neighborhood this afternoon, taking advantage of the warm weather and longer sunrise. Some observations:

* People need to clean up! Lots of cans, bottles, wrappers on front lawns and curbside. Hopefully as the weather warms up people will be outside a bit more.

* Not so many homes for sale, no visible foreclosures. And checking Yahoo real estate and Zillow this evening, not so many properties for sale and the ones listed do not seem to be listed all that low.

* The foreclosed upon home behind us, that I was sort of interested in over the winter, is now occupied. The new neighbors seem nice (at least as far as a "hello" across the fence can determine) - they did more pruning, raking and cleaning today than the previous residents did in two years. And they put up a clothesline - points for environmentalism!

* The sidewalk along Newington Avenue, replaced over the winter as that road was dog up, widened, and repaved, is lovely for walking.

* Lots of kidlets out and about, playing hoops mostly.

I know the really warm weather is still a ways off but it was nice to be out and about. First time I put sneaks on in months!

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