August 26, 2007

Aetna Leader: A Proven Fighter

An interesting front page piece about Aetna president Mark Bertolini in today's Hartford Courant

The son's battle with cancer seems straight out of House. The father's serious ski injury and efforts to come back from that are also compelling. And two resonances from my life:
Each morning he practices yoga in the third-floor gym of his brick colonial, and meditates morning and evening, sometimes burning incense.

Bertolini says the whole process allows him to be "present in the moment." That means being "completely attentive in relating to the individual or individuals or situation at hand," whether it's dealing with pain or leading employees at work, he said.

Bertolini now considers himself a "huge champion of people with disabilities," and calls himself a "straight ally" of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees in the workplace.

The national Out & Equal Workplace Awards - Outies - named him one of four finalists this year in the category for non-LGBT people.

Bertolini noticed the only employee resource group at Aetna without an executive sponsor was the LGBT group. He stepped up, and he started getting such e-mails as "I didn't know you were gay!" He playfully but pointedly countered by responding, "How do you know? We know I'm not lesbian, but how do you know I'm not bisexual or transgender?"

Edit: Colin McEnroe, shines a different light on the piece here. A Skunk at the Garden Party indeed..... and rightfully so.

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