August 16, 2007

More Free Wi Fi

Add Grand Rapids to the list of airports with free Wifi. So I get to blog a little; my flight is not until noon, but the airport shuttle from the hotel ran at 9:45. So a little early. Wifi makes it palatable.....

I was able to practice this morning in the empty pool area - the heat and humidity were nice for practice although I wonder about the effect of chlorinein the air.....I warmed up in the pool area then stepped outside to a patio to do some inversions against a friendly column and some forward bending - then back inside to stretch, cool down, and finished with a nice, deep savasana. Remarkable the effect of practice on the spirit - I get into this hotel / travel / work lethargy. I channel surf, I lounge, I mess around online. Instead, a good hour+ of yoga and I had time to shower, to pack, and feel much better about life.

In the "wide world of inversions" motif, I did a nice long supported headstand (against the column) and started working towards balancing away from the wall. I also did some down-dog on the wall, and actually made a few stabs of jumping up into headstand (unsuccessful but kind of fun to try, and I can see how close I am). And I got up into wheel for a bit also.....

I have a relatively close connection in Detroit today so I may end up stuck there; otherwise I touch down in Hartford around 3:15. The work went well. My recent struggles getting trip reports down for this customer has germinated an idea - I am going to develop a standard template for this client, with standard language and spots for measurements and photos - I have (3) reports pending and the time spent on the template will be well spent, I think.

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