August 16, 2007

The Opening Shot

Perez's House Searched - Hartford Courant Story

Interesting Timing Department:
According to Perez's statement, Costa began the work on the mayor's house in the spring of 2005 to renovate the bathroom and install a new kitchen countertop. In June 2005, Perez's wife suffered multiple brain aneurysms. Her illness delayed Costa's work, Perez said.

Costa completed most of the work in 2006, and Perez said he looked into a mortgage to pay for the work in 2006. But it wasn't until earlier this year that Costa billed him $20,217, Perez said. Finally, after securing two mortgages for a total of $50,000, Perez paid Costa in July.

Let's see, we start the work in June 2005. We work on it throughout 2006. We send the bill in Feb 2007. Now I wonder what could have been happening in Mayor Perez's life in Feb 2007.

Oh yeah. This.

Hypothetical and imagined phone call: "Carlos? It's Eddie. Listen, things are getting kind of hot about this whole parking mess. You better send me a bill for those renovations....."

Ho boy. Gonna be a fun couple of months until the mayoral elections.....

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