August 15, 2007

Random Road Musings

A couple of puddle jumpers - from Cleveland to Detroit and from Detroit to Grand Rapids. I probably should have driven....for all the hurry up and wait associated with air travel. That being said, Northwest Airlines, and Detroit Metro, have been downright civil so far.

Staying at the Airport Marriott in Cleveland ($159 rack rate) but then you do not get free breakfast / coffee in the morning, free wifi, or free parking even. Sheesh. No wonder I am a low budget hotel kinda girl - I just freaking hate paying for all these stupid things that the moderately priced properties throw in for free. And while I am at it, can I grouse about paying close to $100 to rent a minivan for 18 hours because that's all they had on the lot. Next time, I book cars for all my travel and then cancel them if I need to.....just to lock in a lower rate.....

On the plus side, the veggie wrap at National Coney Island in Detroit Metro (right across from Gate A23) is pretty rockin and is miles ahead of the McMeal I was considering.

And Boingo works out pretty well for me as well - even though I need to buy it, I can log in from Cleveland AND Detroit for my pound of flesh. Not so bad. I had some web stuff to upload this morning; it's pretty cool to be able to keep up with the little things while I travel.

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