August 16, 2007

Christian Pron?

My client and I had dinner at the Texas Roadhouse last night (such a shame to have the exact same dining experience 1/2 way across the country as I can have down the road from my house, but whatever, neither location anywhere near Texas) and in the parking lot was a big 'ol SUV advertising the "#1 Christian Porn Site", specifically: - we could not figure out whether this was a pron site that was trying to lure in christians, or a christian "recover from porn" site, or maybe some obscure midwest christian sect that was OK with pron. My client (a somewhat conservative gentleman from the south) commented that if the goal was saving souls, they were going about it the wrong way, in his opinion.

Well, I surfed on over this morning, and it is indeed a local "save your soul from pron" kind of site. Amusingly, there seems to be some sort of tie-in with pron star Ron Jeremy - some sort of rolling debate between the pastor of xxxchurch and Mr. Jeremy. You can also find a fairly amusing (caption / graphics / colors) "Jesus Loves Porn Stars" shirt.

Grand Rapids is funny - there are lots of sort of grungy rocker kids, goth kids, and the like hanging around, but their fearsome rebellious clothing is all pro-christian. Take Marilyn Manson tour merch, or Kiss, or even anime stuff - and insert Jesus / Christ / God in there. Channel surfing I found a few christian rock bands - loud, in your face, sulky and posing like any such music - but christian. It's odd, amusing, and sort of passive aggressive.

Parents of all stripes have to continue to dislike the attitude, the dark themes, the tee-shirts, the loud music, etc. But if its all done in the name of the Lord, what can they say?

Heh-heh. The House of Slytherin is alive and well.....

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