August 11, 2007

Chilly Morning

I jumped on my scooter this morning with the intention of hitting the bank and CVS to pick up some milk, and get some scooter time when the traffic was light. Too darn cold on the bike! Fall is coming..... I ended up at CVS (skipped the bank), and made it home with the milk balanced on the floor of the scoot, between my legs. Now enjoying the fruits of my labor, a cup of decaf with milk!

At CVS, I ended up running into our local pedestrian, an older guy we always assumed was perhaps homeless and mentally ill (he hangs out at the CVS) - he was outside smoking when I went in, and when I came out he engaged me in a rather practical conversation about the scooter: miles per gallon? ride on the sidewalk? need to be registered? need a license? dealership around here?

Funny, the people you encounter and interact with when one is not encased in an automobile. We see this guy up and down New Britain Avenue (long trench coat, often has a briefcase), as well as standing outside or in the doorway of various retail shops, and never once interacted. Wonder what his story is....

On the subject of two wheel modes of transit, Saturday, September 8th is the Hartford Bike Tour - a self described "...This is an anti-sprawl, pro-fun, pro-sustainable city, anti-pollution, anti-couch potato, pro-bicycle, pro-pedestrian event." There is a fee to enter, option of a 10-mile and 25-mile route, and a 2 hour walking tour. Sounds like fun - that's a busy weekend so not sure if we can participate, but I would love to!

BB called last night - he needs chase crew on Sunday morning so I got Saturday morning off. But I am gonna see if Zippy wants to go out for breakfast (once he gets up) with the balloon folk; since I have not seen KB (my usual chase partner) in a while and Zippy has not seen the balloon folk in ages. And breakfast in the Southington / Cheshire neighborhood is usually pretty tasty!

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