August 06, 2007

Off My Game

Just a quick hi-de-ho. I'm not dead, really. Just out of sync with life. I've been off kilter for a while; I think I trace it back to the Tias Little workshop weekend - three days of yoga got me off balance (ironic. eh?) - then I plowed into two frantic days of work and prep before heading to Falcon Ridge. Wed - Sun at the fest, and then back home for another frantic day of catch-up and unpacking.

Then Tues and Thurs off to Rhode Island for family reunion stuff with the Zipster. Puncutated by work and unpacking. I did sneak in one yoga class last Friday. I chased a balloon on Sunday.

Symptoms of being off-stride - I fell down the steps outside work on Friday - had a cup of coffee which went splat and scraped up my knee. Where did THAT come from? Tonight, I headed off to power yoga but I thought it started at 6:30 (it starts at 6:00, I got there around 6:10), and I just hate to walk into class late (note, I also hate when people walk into my class late) so I bagged it. Just as well, Barb was not teaching tonight.....I was half-way present anyway, tomorrow I'll hit one of my normal morning classes.....

Oh, and Zippy and I have been doing couples counseling, and dealing with some major stuff. is complicated. Not a lot of time or energy for recreational blogging.

Be back soon, though - I promise!

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