August 12, 2007

Flight Plan

What we call a "milk run" this morning - a flight from Spring Street in Bristol, down Rte. 10, to Cheshire. Not all that exciting for the chase crew, but some nice scenery for the passengers. And today, four balloons in the air from the launch site. Remarkably, three of them landed in the same industrial park.

Seeing them lined up, north to south, down the valley reminded me of airplanes queued up for landing at O'Hare. Landing was mild - with no winds, so no need for crew acrobatics (leaping onto the back of the basket to add a bit of weight and dig in one's heels to slow the momentum).

One of the pilots had a newish chase team - to whom I imparted the cardinal rule of chase - park the vehicle next to a tree or light pole (since its the one place the balloon is sure not to land). Welcome aboard Charmaine and Nick!

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