August 08, 2007

Recharged and flowing

Sometime in the last 24 hours my lethargy and stuckness broke. Lots of reasons for that:

* Hot yoga in the morning, I have only gone down to the studio once in the past two weeks
* I finished up a seriously time consuming report for a client
* A site visit has been scheduled for Ohio and Michigan for next week
* Collected some tools and parts from my storage hole to repair a meter that broke
* Received a way overdue power analyzer via fed ex which lets me finish a report and invoice a customer

Just a lot of things moving. So less stuckness. Still pending:

* Fix the broken meter
* Write the final report with the power monitor data
* Write another trip report
* Write one more involved power monitor report
* 2x Expense reports and 3x Invoices for some trips in May and July
* Put together a proposal for a paper for the next power quality conference (idea came to me yesterday, related to long report)

I'm also going to approach the facility manager to see if I can maybe move my office - I'd love a slightly larger space (maybe with two smaller offices, in a less desireable part of the building) so that I can spread out some more, have a second workspace, eliminate the need for a storage locker.

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Kerri said...

If you haven't seen Yoga Action Squad on You Tube, you totally should! Episodes 1 & 2 are the funniest, I think. The second one makes fun of sketchy guys who might be into yoa for all the wrong reasons.