August 21, 2007

Vegan Yoga Den

In the August 20th edition of the Hartford Business Journal, a piece by State Rep (and mayoral candidate) Art Feltman entitled "After the Clouds, the Sun" contains the following:

"A visitor with an hour to relax might prefer an authentic Irish pub or vegan yoga den to Thank God It's Wednesday or some other copycat fern bar."

Vegan Yoga Den, huh? He makes it sound so dirty..... uhm, the Alchemy Cafe (heretofore the Alchemy Juice Bar) seems to have a new website called The Green Vibration. Cool.

The HBJ piece is not online, but just ask any small business person for their copy; they freaking send this publication to anyone who even hints of being a business. (For the record, I am a small business owner). Oddly, the Zipster, who is the last person one might expect to embrace the free market, loves reading the editorials and stories....go figure....


Kerri said...

Never seen anyone bring out the opium at Alchemy :)

Anonymous said...

Well, our gratitude to the Zipster, then.

Vincent Valvo
Hartford Business Journal

Jude said...

Lawrence Cohen's column and Ask Isadora are the two things the Zipster never misses.....

And sadly, this is completely serious.