August 19, 2007

CT Sun Regular Season Finale

The Connecticut Sun seem to be handling Washington at the half, even without Asjha Jones.

ABC must be questioning the decision to mic up Mike Thibault; a pretty clear "Margo, what the f*ck...." got through. Not that any of the fans have not said pretty much the same thing this season; poor Margo has had a rough season.

Genghis Conn points the way to a good article about the Sun in today's New London Day. Not much to say except that I concur; I went to pretty much every home game the last few seasons (oh, yeah, I was working) but even this season I've been down to Uncasville 3-4 times for games. It's a great product, both the quality of the hoops and the arena show - and hugely more affordable than any professional men's team. The Day article compares the WNBA to minor league ball - and although I have attended a few Rock Cats and Ravens games over the years, its been a while. But the WNBA has had my heart, in terms of professional sports, for a few years now.

And proud to say, in three years of going to Suns games, I have yet to throw a single quarter into a slot machine.

Edit: Ugh, the Sun lost. Not a biggie, and it was exciting at the end, but they let Washington back in.....oh well, on to the playoffs!

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