May 09, 2007

Connecticut Sun Lose to Seattle Storm

Took advantage of a spare season's ticket to go to the game last night. Good seats, front row, upper level, mid-court.

First off, most of the stars were missing. For the Sun - no Nykesha, no Lindsay, no Ashja, no Margo. For the Storm - no Sue Bird. So it really was not a stellar game.

A few of the Sun newbies were note-worthy. #22, Kiera Hardy (9 points), played with confidence and drilled a few shots but she missed a lot too. (3-7 from the floor) A little bit of a hot-dog, that properly channeled, might turn into spark-plug. #30, Brooke Smith, was a bit disppointing - we noted her boucing pony tail but she seemed lost on the floor, and threw up some bricks (1-5). She seemed awfully young. Journey(wo)man Kristen Rasmussen (#52) was nice to see in lieu of Margo, Nykesha, and Ashja - she had 11 points. Quite the traveling career - with 6 teams in 7 years. Jamie Carey played pretty well, not a lot of impact on the Box Score but when she has the ball she was seemed in control and settled things down.

The Box Score tells the tale - the Sun had 26 fouls and the Storm were 20-26 from the foul line (vs. 8-11 for the Sun). On the othe rhand, the Sun drilled some 3's (7-27, but I guess that means they missed a lot) vs. 1-7 for the Storm.

Ah well, good to see a game from the arena (vs. the control room). I text messaged Bruce (who runs the arena game) at the start to say hello, thing were rough (I did not see a lot of the screen features, and a few either did not run right or had no sound or whatever) but I suspect they will manage without me this year.

Oh yeah, Blaze came and sat next to me. I got all excited, and touched his ear. He was hanging out during the "Kiss Cam" and I was hoping for a kiss. Sadly, he was all over the far cuter blond woman to his left. ::pout::

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