May 24, 2007

Not Deciding

Regarding Yoga Teacher Training, that is. I had been beating myself up to make a decision between two training options by June 1st. The impetus behind that pressure was an early registration deadline at one of the studios. For background, I am choosing between a new teacher training program at my beloved studio WHY and an established (and well respected) training program at a nearby studio, Samadhi.

So, I decided I did not need to decide right now - if I opt for that program, I can register at full price - its only a few hundred bucks more. A small price to pay for not going crazy or making a rash decision.

I've officially asked the universe for some guidance here (and in my experience, once I've asked, I will get my answer. I spoke to a fellow yogi who practices at WHY and has been taking the Samadhi teacher training this year; she was helpful. I intend to take some classes at Samadhi to get a feel for the place (starting tonight, a power class preceding a teacher training Q&A). I will continue to collect information, talk to people, make lists and charts, look at the training dates. I am pretty confident that something clear will fall out from all this.

Regarding WHY: I love the teacher, who has touched my soul specifically (through practices with her) and generally (through the studio that she runs and the community that surrounds her). My heart leaps in my chest at the thought of working with her. I feel I will be more challenged by the practice and the training (and I have a history of avoiding challenges, taking the easier path, I was a slacker long before Gen-X and Gen-Y codified the identity). I am a bit concerned because this is the inaugural training for the studio. I feel perfectly comfortable with the yoga and the studio (I practically live there now) but feel a bit intimidated by the technical proficiency there. These are serious yogis and I dare not come to the training halfway.

Regarding Samadhi: Seems like a comfortable, one big family kind of place. I fear less in the way of fear or nervousness about training there. I am little concerned that the style of yoga will be less to my liking (the WHY practice has spoiled me in some ways because there is a particular energy or style there). Traveling to Manchester will be a little less convenient. I am concerned about teacher training weekends conflicting with kirtan (I suspect the WHY teacher training and kirtan will not overlap since the share the space)

But in general - I have two really good teacher training options, and I suspect if either dried up tomorrow, I would embrace the other option with no regret. Such a blessing to have such choices.

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