May 25, 2007

Yoga Run Amok

I am getting an "A" in yoga and a "C" in work of late.

Wednesday I had a hot class in the morning with M, long time since I have worked with her and she is doing some new Shiva Rae inspired stuff. Yummy practice, I miss working with her. The curse of too many wonderful yoga teachers! Last night, I snuck over to Samadhi for an All Levels class, followed up with a Yoga Teacher Training Q&A. And this morning, a friend from SFO is in town and I am treating him to a hot class at WHY.

The teacher training Q&A was a little tough. I am starting to realize, I guess, that Samadhi is not gonna be the right space for me, for a bunch of reasons.

* It conflicts with kirtan at WHY. So I'd have to give that up for the coming year, and that's been prettty important to me.
* The drive out and back is a little more of a hassle than a road warrior like me wants to admit. Not bad on occasion, but multiply by 30 or 40 round trips, and its time and fuel burned, on a car that does not really need the miles, and probably yoga stoned to boot. Just an incremental hassle, time spent away from the rest of life, etc.
* The yoga itself seems slightly less resonant. I suspect Anne and Matt might be pretty great, but neither of them teaches often so it will be a few weeks before I can catch a class with one of them to confirm that.
* Samadhi has a 20 person limit, and I suspect they will be filling up the class sooner rather than later. I do not think I can make a decision quickly.

I left the Q&A somewhat down, and rather quickly, did not hang out afterwards to schmooze. Because it does look like a wonderful training program, a good space, and I felt the stirrings of a community coming together even among the group of interested folks, and the "left out" feeling was a good sign that it was not my space. It's funny, because I do think that might be something Samadhi has over training at WHY - I doubt there will be as much of a family feel to it. But that's OK - WHY is home in a lot of ways for me and I have less of a need for a "community" in terms of teacher training.

And it was kind of sad - because dammit if WHY was not doing training I would have wrote the deposit check last night and been excited as all heck over taking yoga training there. It seems like a wonderful program, and I mourn the loss of it. File this one under "too many blessings"

I did buy a class card at Samadhi and will visit there now and then to practice - just for something different. There are a few nice class options (times) that might work out, and there is a better selection of mid level classes (WHY tends to be gentle or hot / power, with less in between, and so when I need to ratchet it back a little but not all the way back to gentle, Samadhi makes sense.

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