May 12, 2007

Shoulda Done This Long Ago

Post this one under "maybe the free market health care advocates are right"

I've been going to CVS forever - its right down the street, its a national chain. But since I signed up for an HSA health care account, suddenly I pay full price for prescriptions (out of my HSA account). In addition, the last few visits to CVS to pick up my scripts have been exercises in patience: long lines, slow service. So I decided to shop around.

Estradiol 2mG: CVS was $12.00 or thereabouts. Target is $4.00 (one of their $4 meds)
Simvastatin 40 mG: CVS was $70.00. Amusingly, the 20 mG (my dose) was also $70. So I have been getting the 40 mG pills and spliting them. Target's price for the 40 mG? $23.00!

Incredibly, the Target prices without insurance are lower than the CVS copays *with* insurance. And, bonus - Target offers different color pill caps so the Zipster and I can keep our meds from getting mixed up.

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