May 19, 2007

Decisions II

This morning's decision was easy - I hopped back in bed after blogging, and fell into a sound sleep until nearly 9. Caught up on my travel related fatique, and it made the yoga decision easy - so I visited Samadhi Yoga in Manchester fo an All Levels class taught by student instructors. I met some of the teachers and the owners, all seemed nice. A friend from WHY, who I knew goes there, showed up, which was nice.

It was a good practice - I missed a little bit of the WHY poetry and flow in terms of moving through postures, but I suspect that's a student thing vs a studio thing. Good learning (for me) in terms of understanding what makes a practice work (for me, and presumably, for others). I guess its something I might not notice unless its not there. But bottom line: a positive vibe, good people, a practice that was in tune with my own.

After class, my WHY friend gave me some thoughts to chew on with regard to the differences between teacher training at WHY and teacher training at Samadhi. I respect his opinion a lot (he has spent time on the mat at both studios, and knows me a bit). So I have some deciding to do. Good thing I'm the decider!

I'm going to tire kick a bit more - speak to the folks at WHY about teacher training there, go to a few classes at Samadhi in the next week. There is a teacher-training Q&A this coming Thursday, and a power class preceding it that I want to go to. I would love to see Matthew and/or Anne in action (teaching) but not sure that will happen before I need to make a choice.

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