May 05, 2007

Suddenly Saturday

The past two days have zoomed by.

Thursday night, we went to see I Am My Own Wife at Hartford Stage. It was not my favorite show - engaging enough, and the actor James Licensi was talented. But the premise (one character researching, interviewing, and writing about another) did not sweep me along like I would have wished, and the confusion surrounding Charlotte's motivation and actions was not really gut wrenching. You kind of get the feeling that the playwright was completely enthralled with her to start, and then got confused and alienated over time, but it did not come across (to me) quite so strongly. Might have played better at a smaller space with a simpler production - Theaterworks or something. Still, a good piece.

I miss seeing the bard at Hartford Stage.

We started off the evening at Hot Basil (loved by all) - AC had been wanting to go for eons and was tickled to go there, MYA also liked it (the waitress was also raving about her makeup - very professional)

Yesterday, some work, then counseling (more crying by the blogger), then off to an art opening in Southington. I actually bought a piece (very reasonably priced) that reminded me of electrical cables (my work, don't cha know) for my office, if I ever get the side table cleaned off. Good motivation for that, perhaps. The artist, Linda Glass, works in Raku - her pieces have evolved from a somewhat commercial motif (looking like overgrown, stylized chess pieces that might house gnomes) to an industrial style that Zippy liked - "...reminds me of the sewage treatment plant..." along with some interesting pieces that combine, compare, and contrast the raku to more conventially fired stoneware.

You can see her work this week at J. Whitney Gallery in Southington.

After the gallery, home for dinner and a long walk. Then we started to watch East of Eden before we crashed.

Today, NoHo Pride - I am ferrying MYA and another mentee up so I am carpooling. I just invested $600 in my shitbox Saturn (brakes all around) so I guess I am committing to keeping it on the road through the summer.....

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