May 18, 2007


Inexplicably, I have internet access here via Boingo. Not sure if this is costing me anything (I did not put in a credit card number) but maybe it remembers me and bills automatically. No matter. SEATAC terminal A also gets points for having a nice standing counter where I ate my breakfast and from where I am blogging....

I was able to hop on an earlier flight - so I get in at 5:30 or so instead of 10:00 pm tonight. Which means I could conceptually make the Gaia Roots concert tonight (depending upon my energy, the Zipster, and various sundry variables and intangibles. I do not have a seat assigned yet, so I am imagining a center seat all the way back to CT - but whatever. Just happy not to have to hang around the airport all morning.

Yesterday, the work got done early afternoon, so I was able to sneak out to a bit of yoga. I found a Viniyoga class at Yoga Barn in Issaquah. Was not my favorite practice - no vinyasa, never actually got up into Warrior, no sun salutations, I barely broke a sweat. Yet challenging in ways. Something different, worth exploring.

Bout it from Seattle. Back to CT anon!

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