May 03, 2007

Insomnia and Catching Up

Zippy is out of town, and I can't sleep!

Actually, I slept fine from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am, when Melina clomped upstairs, and Elo woke me up (growling at Melina / licking me). All the dogs went out, and had cookies, and are back to snoozing. I could not get back to sleep. So, time for a cup of herbal tea (Peach Passion, could not find anything chamomille or sleepytime) and some web surfing. And then back to bed.

I'm in a yoga spurt - last weeks back crankiness is healing up, and so this week it was hot yoga on Sunday morning, power yoga Tuesday and this morning, and gentle last night. I'm taking it easy and slow - but its nice to be back.

Also heading into a bit of a social upswing. AC got 4 tix to I Am My Own Wife at Hartford Stage for this evening, so we (she, I, Zippy, and MYA) will be doing that. We're having dinner at Hot Basil (AC's choice, she has never been) although it was in my head too. We needed someplace close to the house (in case Zippy gets back from a doctors appointment late) as opposed to something downtown near the theater.

Then on Friday, we have an opening for an arts friend in Southington. Saturday is NoHo Pride. I also got a call last night from my Falcon Ridge Folk Fest crew chief - there is apparently a crew chief meeting this weekend (and I am invited since I am being elevated in the ranks of the recently merged and restructured tee-shirts and CD sales) - as well as a house concert featuring Red Molly, Pat Wictor with Cheryl Prashker, and Ellis on Sunday. Apparently this is the kick-off date for the Falcon Ridge Preview Tour. Festival will be upon us soon!

Monday, MYA and I have a date in Boston. Hopefully the weather will be nice.

Of course yoga - today and Sunday - not sure if I can sneak it in Friday and Saturday. Of course, with the warmer weather and a more or less cleaned up porch, I have a mat down out there so I can work through some postures there if I want.

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