May 19, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

Yoga today.

Do I hit WHY for Power II with Peg, or do I venture out to Manchester for a 10:30 All Levels class that has teacher trainees working with us? It would be a good chance to find the studio in Manchester, meet some of the people, and get a vibe. I am seriously considering yoga teacher training starting in the fall and that is one of two options (the other is my beloved WHY, which is starting up teacher training this year).

WHY: My last class was Tuesday (not counting my practice in Seattle which was pretty mild) and I am a bit fragile between traveling, eating poorly, sleeping poorly, etc. A Power II class might be a bit much. OTOH, I need / want to reconnect at WHY, I feel kind of adrift.

SAMADHI: An all levels class might be right up my alley today. And I do want to give them a chance. (Even though the opportunity to work with and learn from Barbara is incredibly

Actually, looking at schedules and stuff, I might end up with a Solomonic decision. WHY has an All Levels class at 7:30 which has proven to be pretty gentle for me. (generally leaves me wanting more) I could hit that class, come home for a bit, then truck on over to Manchester for their All Levels class at 10:30. That way, I get my WHY fix, I get a nice mellow practice to get me back onto the mad, I get to see Samadhi and practice there all warmed up.....

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