May 19, 2007

Surgery Sister

This one gets filed under the that which shall not be named category.

I've been a fairly lax friend and correspondant - people from my past tend to either fall into "periodic update" mode (1-2 times per year) or drop off the scene completely. So it has been with K, my surgery sister. We were roomies at MSRH back in 2003; I had my surgery a day before hers, and we spent a week co-recovering. She nicknamed me "dropsie" (remotes, phones, CD players, books all hit the floor with some regularity on my side of the room). We bonded in a way, despites differences in age and culture and experience.

Anyway, she has (over the years) dropped emails here and there, and I have (on occasion) stayed in contact, but not really. This past week, I got a few invites to her "Friendster" site - so I emailed her back, saying hi, telling her I did not really want to sign up for any social network sites but it was nice to hear from her, giving her an update, and inquiring about her life. Last I knew she was married, working as a hair stylist, and living in Palm Springs. But things have changed:
im so glad to hear from you, and that you are doing great, about me here, something happened to me, i am living here back in the phillippines now and not really doing well, i have no job here and cant find one, and i have so much indebt right now, i was asking my friends to help me but i think they wanted to but not now, due to financial problems too, i have no one to ask and sorry that i have to share this with you, but i am desperate and dont know who i can ran to, judith i really need help here to put my life back, i even live in like a squatter area, i even thought of just ending my life, but im scared, jude i really need your help please help me, and my regards to your parrtner ales and say hi for me to dr. bowers. i miss being in the states, but i think god put me back here for a reason, and that i dont know what. i am really sorry to share this with you but i just want to let you know my life here now, and maybe perhaps you can visit me here, i would love that and see you, till nest email, miss you girl and god bless

Not easy, eh? Another tale from down the line that dispels the myth of "happily ever after"

I wired her some money - less than she needs, more than I can really justify, but its something. I hope it helps. She is a sweet girl. Life has been good to be in the years since our time together in Trinidad, and I need to be thankful for that and give something back.

As an interesting sideline, its damn amazing what Western Union (how I wired her some cash) knows about me. To verify my identity (I set up the transfer over the net) they pulled some info from public records for me to corroborate. They came up with a client's website, my mom's hometown, my old address in Waterbury (I had to rack my brain for that one!) Apparently, I am who I say I am, and so the transfer went through.

Like I said, I hope it helps. Happily ever after indeed.

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