May 15, 2007

May Madness

Someone turned the switch on, and all of a sudden I have work coming from all directions. I am headed to Seattle tomorrow, of course, and yes, I have reread my Off My Stride posting to try not to repeat the sins of the past. I am gonna pack my bag tonight; I have my tools already in the car, and tomorrow I just need to stop by the office and get my travel papers (maps, reservations, etc) together.

I also have an email from the same client (who, by the way, I have not heard from in over a year) to go to a site on Long Island (not sure if they will still need me next week, the earliest I can get there). And I've had another project going with some power conditioning equipment (another contact that's been dormant over a year). And some new energy with old clients. Just a lot going on.

Gotta pay for all that yoga, I guess. Although, its been tough sneaking in classes around all this work! I did get to a power class yesterday (sublime) and a hot class today (surprisingly energetic and sweaty, with a teacher I usually rely on for a slightly gentler practice). So I have my yoga mojo fulfilled - I'll take some duds and a mat out to Seattle to either practice in the hotel or maybe find a local studio. But I do miss my morning yoga practice and teachers.

Zippy and I did dinner tonight (Lemon Grass, West Hartford, which has been dropped down to third favorite Thai place, behind East-West and Hot Basil) - we dined with a friend from upstate NY - who seemed to connect with Zippy (always a pleasant outcome) Zippy is like tea kettle on low heat - takes hir a while to warm up to people but once the pot is boiling, there is a lot of energy and noise!

I am sure I will be blogging from the road tomorrow - so talk at you then!

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