April 12, 2009


A truly holy week, yoga wise.

Monday, an evening with my friend, my mentor, my teacher Barbara - as usual a hot and strong and deep practice. So wonderful to spend an evening with her every week.

Tuesday and Thursday morning - guerilla yoga with my friend Nykki - a delicious treat to spend the morning on the mat with a dear friend, not always deep into a practice, but always deep into myself and my community.

Wednesday morning - Marcia - who challenges, who inspires, who encourages. My tweaky back cannot survive her classes every day, but when I am up for it, they are delicious and sublime. Wednesday was just such a day.

Thursday night - John - an old friend and teacher lost and found. I am only now coming to see how much of the passion and poetry of his teaching I have brought into my own. I am so happy to be able to work with him again.

Saturday morning, Nykki again. Strong and deep and funny and joyous. If some of my other practices get into my back, take me past the safest places, Nykki always reels me back in, unwinding my back and setting free my spirit. Practicing with her, my spirit sings, laughs, and becomes young.

And today, Shankara. I have on occasion described his teaching as schizophrenic - so many styles, so many influences, and you never know for sure what he will bring to the class. So too today - 7 long held postures, with some small bits of preparation and many minutes of listening to the body and moving intuitively afterwards - novel but not really a surprise. But how very delicious a practice, taking me deep into my body, and giving me a most wonderful gift of resurrection. As I lay in savasana, tears filled my eyes and I gently shook and sobbed - with awe, joy, gratitude for the chance to be alive in this body. I so often forget that most very basic, and yet most incredible, of gifts.

And some sadness too, for this precious life that I live is finite, and even as I became aware of my body and my life through the practice, I became aware of it's aging and eventual death.

A week of my practice, a chance to work with 5 most gifted teachers, friends, spirits, and guides. Most yogis would be content with just one of these to guide their practice - I have all five. I am truly and most wonderfully blessed.

Yoga. Yeah. Yoga.

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