April 21, 2009

Enlightenment Intensive V

I'm headed out on Thursday for my fifth Enlightenment Intensive. Five, you say? One imagines that, having achieved enlightenment, one might, you know, not need to go back for more.

Alas, the nature of the beast. Our puny little human minds can only hold on to bliss for a brief period; conversely, have tasted such bliss, we desire it all the more. So I am off.

Kind of excited about this one. My previous EI weekends - 11/06, 4/07, 12/07, and 12/08 were all kind of different. (I like to go back and reread my blog posts immediately post-EI, help to bring me back to the work and to the experience / wisdom) But I do think the most recent two were side trips, of a sort. In the 12/07 one, I got wrapped up in a lot of junk, and the 12/08 one was, to some extent, an uwrapping even as I did the EI work. So I feel like maybe I am going to pick up here where the 4/07 one left off. Working with the same Intensive master too - Maggie Fox. So I will be off the grid from about mid-day Thursday through Monday morning.

I dreamed about the Intensive last night - a phone call right before bed from a friend who is driving up with me perhaps triggered this. I dreamed I had forgotten all my "props" (blanket, shawl, meditation cushion). I dreamed that, the night before the intensive, my roommates at the retreat house were drinking (lots of empty wine bottles in the bedroom). I dreamed that, as we prepared to turn over our keys, phones, etc. at the start of the intensive, that I could not find my coat / keys, and so could not go get my spare blanket out of the trunk.

Am I not ready (or fear I am not) for this intensive? Am I overpreparing, or too reliant / attached to my intensive armor? Interesting.

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