April 02, 2009

Thanks for Nothing

So my iPod Touch has arrived. Finally. Note to self, cough up the extra bucks for two day shipping in the future. Truthfully, I am happy and excited to have it - I've already accessed the WiFi at my office, my home, my yoga studio (there is WiFi at the yoga studio? Indeed there is....) and I'm slowly starting to insert my life into the box.... Already, I see that Apple is not infallible, my $80 Palm and it's associated software can handle "2nd sunday of every month" sorts of recurring events but the apple software can not.

That being said, if I wanted a few days of emptiness to play with my new toy, shop for apps, etc. - well, maybe in May.

* It's the beginning of the month, and I have my March invoicing to crank out.

* It's the beginning of April, and my taxes need to get done. I've got a pretty decent system worked up after 15 years or self employment, so I can crank 'em out in maybe a day and a half, but I need to sort through a few piles, enter all my expenses and receipts into a spreadsheet, and get it all done.

* My website client dropped a "we'd like to totally redesign the site" note on me two weeks ago, and it's been a roller coaster ride since then. Slowing down now but still waiting for lots of content, cleaning up loose ends, and ramping up for their opening day, May 2. And there is one bit of PHP programming that I stll need to finish, a minor pain in the butt.

* Another client has ratcheted up long overdue revisions and updates to a spreadsheet project. Just gotta get back into the vbscripting....after many months away from it. My procrastination has been multiply rooted - stuck on a particular technical aspect (I think I've figured out a solution), needing a hunk of time to devote to it, and the pain of opening up a big, convoluted programming project that I have not dug into for a while.

* I'm teaching yoga - 5 and possibly 6 classes between Friday and Monday. Plus assisting at the teacher training on Sunday. Going to the teacher practice session on Saturday. Perhaps practicing with them on Friday.

* A friend's master recital on Saturday. The Real Art Ways Odd Ball on Saturday night.

So the little iPod Touch is not going to get much of a workout the next few weeks....


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