April 27, 2009

It Was the Best of Times, and the Worst of Times

Back from the Enlightenment Intensive (my fifth) and it was a mixture of good (the actual Intensive) and bad (some car issues)

First the bad. En route, my GPS sent me up some unpaved back roads (not a good idea in Vermont, weeks after mud season) and along the way, I bottom out hard on a rock in the road. No immediate damage evident (no warning lights, drove fine), but a mile or so up to road, as I pulled into the retreat house drive, I started spilling transmission fluid. Made it into the parking area, and as I unpacked my luggage, a pool of red fluid seeped between my feet. Uh-oh.

So the car is at a garage in White River Juntion, VT awaiting an insurance appraisal, estimate, and repair. Assuming it can be repaired, I will need to get up there at some point to pick up the car - probably Amtrak (more fun) or Greyhound (better schedule).

On the plus side:

* I just let it go. Non-attachment and all that. I got to the intensive, I was expected to let go of my outside life (cell phone, computer, etc.) and I did, without much worry. I noted the flatbedcoming up the drive (caught a glimpse of it during a dyad) and the car being gone, I went out to clean out purses and electronics, but otherwise - transparent to me.

* The Intensive staff (Curt and Michael, especially) did a totally awesome job of taking care of things - calling insurance, arranging for a tow (actually a flatbed) to get the car, etc. I did nothing but a very brief phone interchange (to confirm it was really me) and agree to let them take care of things.

* A chance to chat and get to know Curt (primary staff, and a local intensive regular) better. He gave me some completely awesome insights into my own intensive process and perhaps a new spin on some of my prior intensive experiences.

The Intensive itself was pretty wonderful. Mixed of course, and bittersweet at the end, but a lot of opening and clearing and a few pretty major core dumps. I am (according to those who know os such things) "wide open".

Tired now and trying to limite my computer time for a few days. Will report more anon.....

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Matt said...

What a fabulous intensive experience, Jude, sans the car shit. Although, I suppose if you're working on life, it could be fabulous fodder for contemplation. :) welcome back!