April 28, 2009

While You Were Out

Coming back from a four day immersion into the self and others - sans media, clocks, phones, the internet, etc. - is that upon returning, one can see the breakneck pack of life, and appreciate the roots of stress, of mindlessness, of a frenetic spinning up of the brain that can challenge any spiritual practice or attempt at mental health.

As I was leaving on Thursday, the local water crisis (Copepods and Rotifers) was just getting started. In four short days I missed a Springsteen concert (yes, I had tickets, and apparently, it was awesome), the start of a potential pandemic (completely off the grid on Thursday), a 9/11-ish airplane scare in NYC (my PTSD suffering friends are freaking), Bea Arthur passed away. And I'm not even talking about sports stuff (which mostly falls balow my radar regardless of how connected I am)

None of which, really and truly, impacts my life all that much; even the water suppy stuff - local to me. One of my friends from the intensive noted, well water is full of those little critters, and we drank it all our lives). A quick net search produces a study where copepods were introduced into drinking water to control the virus causing Denque Fever.

A good lesson that our obsession to the "news" - to the media, to all the buzz and hub-bub, is so much a product of our monkey minds just trying to keep busy and justify their existence, and so often, disposable.

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