April 01, 2009

What Do You Do, Anyway?

For those who might be interested, a press release from one of my clients.

FlightSafety's Hawker 900XP Simulator Receives FAA Level D Qualification

"SimPWR is a key component of our new simulators. It provides power conditioning, voltage conversion and distribution, impedance control, high-energy filtering, surge suppression, ethernet control and monitoring, and TEALwatch remote power monitoring."

I've been assisting in the design, rating, and prototype evaluation of the the power and grounding for this simulator.


j said...

You techie people awe me.

Hey, you may get a BYG yogi or two in that gentle class on Friday. I can't make it but I told a couple of my peeps today how nice it was to just breathe and be a pigeon.
Twas good for my soul.

pigeon sans flock said...

i feel alone when you don't respond on the blog.