April 07, 2009

Not in Our Town

Apparently, in West Hartford, the police enforce overnight parking bans. But in Hartford, not so much.

I live in the southwest corner, mere feet from the WH town line, and the West Hartford residents, seeking to avoid a ticket for overnight parking, simply park on a nearby Hartford street, where parking enforcement is not taken quite so seriously as the next town over.

This morning, a blue Mitsubishi, "garaged" in West Hartford, but parked overnight within a few feet of a stop sign on Bristol Street on the Hartford side of the line. (an infraction on its own, and a safety issue when attempting to turn onto Hollywood, the street which sits on the town line). On garbage and street sweeping day, no less. Because, well, because they can.

Generally does not bug me too much, but it drives Zippy wild. It was an issue all winter on snow days, and now it will affect the garbage collection and street sweeping. So for the Zipster, a quality of life blog post....

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Jude said...

Apparently, this vehicle and another were ticketed this past week for overnight parking (and perhaps parking too close to the corner) and have been moved to the WH side of the line, in front of their house.

We'll see how long that lasts....