April 03, 2009

Yoga Marathon- Spring Edition

I'm in the middle of a string of yoga busyness.

Thursday night, yoga with an old/new teacher, an interesting exercise. He gets into deep places very subtley, and I am finding a lot of freshness and energy in my practice there that I think, will nicely season my own teaching. So far so good.

Today, I taught two classes. A power I class to a smallish group, wherein we went into the hips. I'm not a big hip teacher normally (they challenge me so much) but I took the class down - knee down lunge, pigeon, lizard, and culminating with a sweet little sequence (thanks JD) - a pigeon quad stretch, janu sirsasana, twist, knee pile, and then reverese. All about the hips! And my gentle class, filled with yoga rookies, was a little quieter and a little less strong. Not a bad thing - a rainy day and good to just simmer in the body.

Tonight, a long (2.5 hours maybe?) practice with the master, the yoga goddess Barbara who laughed as she told me tonight was all about hips (seems like every time I step into the studio with her of late we are going into the hips). An awesome practice, just wiping me out. I forget how freaking hard the teacher training practices were, and how much I miss 'em.

Tomorrow, an off day (although you know me, I may figure out some way to sneak in a quiet practice) and then the teacher training practice class at 6 - I was planning to go and practice but I've been asked to come to assist and work with the trainees. Honored, to be sure. And a little nervous - my assisting is pretty intuitive and on the fly - so to have 5 trainees tagging along, looking to learn and role model - going to be interesting.

Sunday, teaching a 9:00 am gentle class (subbing for the studio's queen of gentle, Sharon) and then coming back at noon to assist the teacher training practice. At least this time I won't be collapsing on the mat like tonight.....

Monday, I'm teaching two classes - my new Power I class at 10:45, and then subbing for Sharon again at 12:15. Working at the studio in the afternoon, and with any luck, practicing Monday night.

So if you want me, I'm on the mat.....

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